The Shakespeare Theatre’s Tower

9 mars 2015
samedi 25 avril 2015
par  Elisabeth SILENCE
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Monday the 9th of March, we went to Stratford upon Avon to visit the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
It opened its doors on Wednesday 24 November 2010, following a three-and-a-half year construction project to transform it.

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The Shakespeare Theatre and its Tower

Close to it, a tower was built because the original 1879 Shakespeare Memorial Theatre had a tower. That one was a water tower that was supposed to provide water under pressure for fire-fighting. Unfortunately, it didn’t work : the old theatre was destroyed by fire in 1926.
It is 36 meters high which is about the height of seven double-decker buses stacked one on top of the other. A lift took us up to the viewing platform at the 8th level where, on a clear day, we can see for 20 miles. The weather was beautiful but a little bit windy and we could ear the wind blowing all around the tower. We enjoyed views across Stratford upon Avon.
On arrival, we were given a map by a guide, so we could identify all the local landmarks, including Shakespeare’s houses and the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was baptised and is buried.

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View on the Obelisk

The obelisk you can see on this picture is exactly the same height as the tower !
There are 174 steps from the viewing platform to the ground floor.
We descended via the stairs so we could see pictures of the building of the tower which were installed on the walls.

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Pictures of the building of the Shakespeare Theatre
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Many thanks to our friends for the organisation of this visit which was very interesting.