Five Days in England

jeudi 14 mai 2015
par  Emmanuel HENNEQUIN
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Article rédigé par Frédéric Nicol, enseignant à l’Ecole des Blagis, poète à ses heures...

In the town of Leamington
I made friends and I had fun
Talking English all day long
Is not so easy as it sounds !
In the superb town hall room
The Mayor welcomed us all
Then I met my so nice hosts
Both so funny and gentle.

It was sunny in Stratford
When I walked around
The bright city where the Bard
Used to live when he was young.

In the Birmingham’s Thinktank
There are still old-time machines
That used to sing with steam
The Yorkshire pudding and beer
I enjoyed in the pub nearby
What luck for citizens
To have such a library
Built with so elegant lines
I would like to live nearby.
On the fourth day in Warwick
I was in All Saints’ Church school
I made a speech to the children
They all listened carefully
I explained to them I was there
To help them meet some new friends
Living in Sceaux near Paris..
To thank me they sang a song
Happiness was all around
Then I saw how well they worked
Kindly led by the teachers.

It was time to say goodbye
Thank you all for these moments
Shared with such friendliness in England.

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Mrs Garret et Frédéric Nicol à l’école